Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate & Development in Turks & Caicos Islands

Transforming a real estate development from blueprint to reality can be a massive undertaking because of various private and public interests that come in conflict. Given that, individuals, public institutions, organizations and businesses already rely on our expertise for their real estate development cases. In order for your project to be successful it’s not only the idea that counts, good working partnerships are also needed and our firm gets committed into navigating you in the tough waters of legal issues. Because of our experience in the Turks and Caicos as Real Estate Attorneys/Lawyers, we provide everything you need starting from project planning, zoning and land use permits, negotiations and approvals, drafting contracts with contractors/subcontractors, architects and civil engineers etc.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, property owner, investor, contractor/subcontractor, association/organization our team of attorneys specialize in all kinds of the legal aspects in real estate (office buildings, hotels, residential property, sports complex, industrial warehouses etc.) Our prolonged experience in managing the conflicting needs of different parties (Developers, Owners, Public Authorities) and relationships with various institutions and governmental bodies makes us the best choice for real estate & development law practices and issues. Our experts will help you in finding common ground and appropriate & most cost-effective solutions for you. Their best quality is always being proactive in addressing the minor issues before they can become complex problems guaranteeing ultimate success with the shortest and convenient path followed.

Furthermore, as a multidisciplinary firm we are also able to assist you in all the other aspects that get involved in real estate & development like labor and employment, environment/historic permitting, competition law etc.