Freezing Injunctions And Orders

Freezing Injunctions And Orders in Turks & Caicos Islands

A freezing order/injunction is an interim measure granted by a court to prevent a person from being able to dispose of or deal with their assets before a judgment has been enforced.

At Geordins our Commercial Litigation team routinely advises clients who find themselves subject to a freezing order, as well as clients who wish to obtain an order. We can assist with every aspect of dealing with freezing orders in England and Wales, including:

  • Advice on whether applying for a freezing order is appropriate
  • Applying for a freezing order
  • Responding to an application for a freezing order
  • Advice on complying with the terms of a freezing order
  • Varying and discharging freezing orders

Freezing orders are wide-reaching, with the power to restrain all types of assets, including bank accounts, shares, homes, land and cars. Orders can be obtained in respect of assets within Turks and Caicos, as well as assets situated outside this jurisdiction (under a worldwide freezing order).

Significantly, a freezing order affects not only the respondent but any third parties that hold assets belonging to the respondent. Third parties must not breach the terms of the order or help or permit the respondent to do so.

Our legal experts understand the challenges faced when a client’s finances, work and everyday life are restricted by a freezing order/injunction. We strive to remove or reduce the impact these orders have on our clients, their businesses and their families.

It is important to act with urgency and discretion in these cases. Our professional, practiced lawyers will provide clear, practical advice, act without delay to ensure compliance and prepare a robust case for variation or discharge of a freezing order where appropriate.

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