Corporate Services

Corporate Services in Turks & Caicos Islands

Our well-experienced Corporate Services department have served a wide range of clients, starting from small start-up companies to well-known and established corporations. This makes us the perfect candidate when it comes to dealing with different corporate services starting from formation/organization, employment, strategy & planning, merges & acquisitions, trademarks, all types of business transactions etc. This team has advised lots of boards of directors and has done management of companies on every possible aspect of business law. Whether we are asked to serve as external corporate counsel, in-house supportive counsel, or just advisor on a single transaction, we provide you with best available solutions that will guide you in navigating the difficult, complex world of business today.

We will actively seek to understand what your business consists and what are your objectives. On every legal challenge, objective and thorough analysis of situation and business transaction is made. To service you best we always take a collegial approach to client service. Each attorney stipulates their own expertise on your case so we ensure that your needs are first comprehended to be later satisfied. After that our attorneys use their knowledge from both theory and practical experience in order to provide you with best customized solutions that will ensure positive outcomes.

As long as you choose us as your legal services provider you should expect a personal relationship with the attorneys, dedicated to provide you a comprehensive range of company management services including company incorporations, nominee shareholders and directors in partnership with our affiliated corporate service manager. As a law firm we believe not only in providing efficient services but we want them to be also cost-effective so for these reasons our billing is very competitive in today’s market.