Administration of Estates

Administration Of Estates in Turks & Caicos Islands

Almost every person owns some assets or also might carry a form of debt at the time of their death or both. When it comes to governing, what to do with the estate and how to accommodate the deceased’s estate plan (or the lack of it) each country has its own set of laws. There is a probate court system that oversees the complex process of closing an estate. In terms of time needed to complete the procedure of probate of an estate, it will vary as it depends not only on the size and complexity of the estate but also from the local laws and also the timetable of the probate court.

If a loved one has passed away then his/her estate often goes through process probate or estate administration managed by the court. Always the loss of the loved one is hard enough and causing us immense pain but this doesn’t need to turn into a major headache too because of having to face all the unnecessary complexities and costs in time and finances. For this reason, we are here to assist you and guide you through the process whether it is a probate or estate administration. Obviously all the probate processes are unique in their nature but however must include few steps such as: Filing the petition to the proper probate court, notifying the heirs under the will or to all beneficiaries if no will exists, petition to appoint the executor (when the will exists) or administrator for the estate, inventory and appraisal of estate assets, payment of debts to rightful creditors, sale of estate assets, payment of estate taxes that might apply and finally the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.

We will work rapidly, efficiently and compassionately in resolving such matters. We have efficiently assisted numerous families through the process of administration of their loved one’s estate. We believe in meeting you one-on-one in order to fully understand your goals and advise about the probate procedure also the options for challenging/defending a will. We can help you anticipate all possible scenarios so your estate plan reflects your precise objectives and in case of contestations represent you in a court. Call or email us now for a FREE CONSULTATION at