Civil & Commercial Litigation

Litigation in Turks & Caicos Islands

If you are thinking about suing someone for breach of contract or some wrong done to you or someone is suing you, this can be very stressful and you have a limited time to act. Our team led by Attorney George C. Missick and their years of successful experience make your best choice when it comes to finding cost-effective solutions for your problems in Providenciales and the Turks and Caicos. We provide you with research and analysis for complex litigation types by writing arguments and submissions for all types of tribunals and all court levels.

Given our attorneys and lawyers previous experiences, we specialize in a wide variety of litigation matters, starting from Insolvency litigation, strata litigation, business and commercial litigation, personal injury litigation, different civil litigations etc. Defending your legal rights in your different challenges and goals is what stays at the heart of our practice. Our services start from initial case assessment and investigation to understand if enough evidence exists in order to file a lawsuit. Then we proceed by drafting the first demand letters to the other parties included, then if the dispute is not ended via initial negotiations then we assist you with filing your claim and beginning of the discovery procedure where the parties mandatorily exchange information regarding the issues. Knowing that most cases never reach trial but are instead settled to eliminate costs of going to court our litigators are engaged constantly in negotiations and pass vital information if any agreement towards settlement will be reached. If we don’t get the desired outcome on the trial then we will prepare everything needed in order to begin appeals process by presenting the required evidence as why the trial court’s decision was wrong.

What guarantees success from our litigators is our methodology of work by cooperating with other departments (finance, corporate, commercial etc.), good communication and negotiation skills whch are equally important in pre-trial & trial process and their strong academic and experience backgrounds. Call (649-946-3015) or email us now for a FREE CONSULTATION at